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Window Resealing

High-Quality Marine Window Resealing Services

Marine Window Resealing Experts

Boat maintenance can be time-consuming and often costly, but the key to maintenance is limiting the amount of water making its way inside the vessel. A broken seal can cause onboard water damage but also pose a safety threat due to the compromised stability of the window. The most common way this happens is through gaps in the bonding around your boat’s windows, portlights and more. 

As this issue can escalate quickly, resealing your boat’s windows as soon as possible is essential. When it comes to marine window resealing, the skill of the technician and the materials used are the key to prolonged seal effectiveness.

Marine Window Services specialises in boat window resealing and combine the expertise of our team and our tried and tested selection of the best sealants, adhesives and hardware to guarantee a watertight solution that will manage the most challenging marine conditions.  

We Service…


Hull Windows



Forward-Facing Windows

Side Windows

Aft Bulkhead Windows

Back Windows

Glass Doors

Specialised Marine Window Services

At Marine Window Services we are experts in restoring Window Rubbers, Glazing Wedges, and Port Light Seals. We specialise in a range of window materials including:

  • Marine Toughened Windows
  • Marine Laminated Windows
  • Acrylic Windows and
  • Polycarbonate Windows. 

If you’re looking for quality marine window repairs, resealing or replacements, then Marine Window Services is ready to assist you. Give us a call on 0412 108 269 to discuss your project.